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  • May 2022
    It is extremely spacious for a huge family while worth investing in😁
    —Louisa V - 2010 Toyota Vellfire 2.4L Z Platinum 8 Seat
  • Apr 2022
    Children love it
    —Helen L - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Mar 2022
    Really Happy
    —Janet M - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Mar 2022
    The vellfire has enough room to accomodate my growing family aswell as the power//performance to get around easily whether it's around town or on the open road.
    —Elijah A - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Feb 2022
    Was very pleasantly surprised with the power of the van on the four hour drive home. Excellent condition inside and out and very roomy.
    —Jason H - 2010 Toyota VELLFIRE
  • Feb 2022
    Awesome all round
    —Aoturoa W - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Jan 2022
    We are loving our new vehicle it’s travels very comfortably and has very spacious and comfortable seating; it’s already got the big tick of approval by our friends and family asking if they can borrow it for family road trips!
    —Denise W - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Jan 2022
    Good reliable
    —Melvin M - 2010 Toyota Vellfire 2.4Z PLATINUM SELECT
  • Jan 2022
    Very good car if in a great condition. My family had one just like this back home.
    —Benny D - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Dec 2021
    Its a Toyota, their vehicle history speaks for itself, if you know what you require you cannot be disappointed.
    —Mark T - 2010 Toyota Vellfire 2.4Z Platinum Selection 2
  • Dec 2021
    They are a good honest Van, unfortunately they are CVT but so is the competition, they are however more reliable than the others on the market.
    —Michael V - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Dec 2021
    good car
  • Dec 2021
    Thank goodness we came across this car. We love it.
    —CHRISTHEO V - 2010 Toyota Vellfire X-Package Certified Mileage
  • Dec 2021
    The Velfire is rather thirsty.
    —Peter F - 2010 Toyota VELLFIRE 2.4Z
  • Nov 2021
    Heaps of space and is like driving a couch but one that has power when you need it
    —Tyler W - 2010 Toyota VELLFIRE 2.4Z Platinum
  • Nov 2021
    Love the flip up rear seats, you could fit a fridge in it
    —Daniel R - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Oct 2021
    Love it
    —Diane D - 2010 Toyota Vellfire
  • Sep 2021
    excellent vehicle for a large family, very smooth to drive and boot space is really good
    —Louanne P - 2010 Toyota VELLFIRE 2.4Z
  • Aug 2021
    Drove it back to Christchurch and it is beautiful to drive.
    —Anthony A - 2010 Toyota Vellfire V6
  • Aug 2021
    The Toyota Vellfire has a lot of spacing. This vehicle is very smooth to drive. I have big teenage kids who play sport in every season of the year, so your able to put all their sports gear in the boot. Fuel is expensive these days but the quality of distance vs the fuel price is way better. Overall its a good quality vehicle.
    —maehe N - 2010 TOYOTA VELLFIRE 24Z
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