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  • Sep 2023
    Good alround car.cheap on gas but still gets up and go. very stylist.
    —Robert B - 2012 Mini Cooper 1.6 Baker Street Edition
  • Aug 2023
    awesome choice to get a countyman, loads of internal space, fast enough , sturdy solid thing, leather and cruise control - actually could not have chosen a better vehicle
    —The Data Guys Limited - 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman SAV
  • Jun 2023
    Love the car :)
    —Amelia Y - 2012 Mini Cooper
  • Mar 2023
    Love the room in the boot particularly for a small car
    —Anne E - 2012 Mini Cooper Clubman S
  • Feb 2023
    Drives like a go kart much fun in manual
    —Nathan C - 2012 Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo 6 Speed Hatch
  • Jan 2023
    Love my mini ❤️ A great car
    —Judith B - 2012 Mini Cooper Crossover S ALL 4
  • Dec 2022
    I think it's very good, both in terms of practicality and power, and more importantly, it's very stylish in appearance
    —Yufan Z - 2012 Mini Cooper S Crossover
  • Sep 2022
    We got the mini Cooper for our daughter and husband they absolutely love it.
    —Janet H - 2012 Mini Cooper Convertible
  • Sep 2022
    Looks sexy
    —Jue P - 2012 Mini Cooper S-1.6L 4WD
  • Jul 2022
    Ideal for what my wife wanted. Goes up and down our very steep driveway
    —Larna F - 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman
  • Jun 2022
    Nothing bad to say. The car is excellent and couldn’t be happier
    —Matthew S - 2012 Mini Cooper
  • Jun 2022
    I love the size of this mini, big enough to carry all that I want but small enough to still be called a mini! Zippy little engine that easily passes trucks going uphill.
    —Jessamy B - 2012 Mini Crossover ** REDUCED !! **
  • Feb 2022
    Fun to drive!
    —Amanda N - 2012 Mini Cooper S - Glass Roof
  • Dec 2021
    The Mini is quirky and just a little different, good power good fuel economy and fun every time you get in it.
    —Chris P - 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman
  • Nov 2021
    We just love it
    —DEANS AVENUE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED - 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman
  • Oct 2021
    I am very happy with my new mini and its performance
    —Cushla M - 2012 Mini Cooper S Crossover
  • Oct 2021
    Has really good power, air bags in the right places and is actually quite spacious for a mini.
    —Bridget E - 2012 Mini Cooper S
  • Aug 2021
    Very quick and fun to drive.
    —Sherryn C - 2012 Mini Cooper D Countryman SAV
  • Jun 2021
    The Mini is a unique vehicle. You either like it or you don't. To me it's my dream car. I love everything about it. So if you want a fun retro car the mini is perfect.
    —Karen W - 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman S
  • Mar 2021
    Great car - a breeze to drive even easier to park. A very cool little car.
    —Carla L - 2012 Mini Cooper
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