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  • Jan 2021
    Smart looking and stylish
    —Andrew G - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU
  • Dec 2020
    Very good vehicle! Ticked all the boxes for me. Highly recommend.
    —Jarrod R - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ D/Cab 2WD
  • Dec 2020
    At this stage I can’t fault the vehicle
    —Tyron M - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D/6AT
  • Nov 2020
    No regrets!!
    —Stasi K - 2017 Holden Colorado Ltz Rwd Auto
  • Nov 2020
    Big car but I knew.it was a diesel so off to taurang I.went. very cheap to run $45 there and $45 back to petone plus lots of power and room very nice.to drive
    —Sidney K - 2017 Holden COLORADO LTZ DC PU 2.8D/6AT
  • Oct 2020
    A great vehicle all round . Great value when compared with other similar makes .
    —William C - 2017 Holden Colorado LT D/Cab 4WD
  • Sep 2020
    Nothing bad to say at all very happy with purchase
    —Brett R - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ D/Cab 4WD
  • Sep 2020
    Love the vehicle. Great space. Great tow ute. And looks grouse!!!!
    —Dyllon P - 2017 Holden Colorado LT 4x2 Auto Double Cab
  • Aug 2020
    Great vehicle.
    —Charna M - 2017 Holden Colorado LS DC PU 2.8D/6MT
  • Aug 2020
    We have found the Colorado very comfortable to travel in, easy to drive and extremely economical, it meets our needs perfectly
    —MICHAEL O - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ 4WD
  • Jul 2020
    I am so impressed with the performance of this vessel I wish I had of brought one sooner, my back no longer gets sore from long drives like my previous vehicle
    —Raymond W - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ
  • Jul 2020
    This was my city slicker husbands life long dream
    —Angela F - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ D/Cab 2WD
  • Jul 2020
    I have not taken the Colorado through its true potential but at the moment I'm loving the new ute!
    —Matthew T - 2017 Holden Colorado Z71 D/Cab 4WD
  • Jun 2020
    was very well presented
    —Dean H - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ D/Cab 2WD
  • Jun 2020
    I'm loving it, great vehicle.
    —Nicola P - 2017 Holden Colorado Z71 Crewcab 4x4 Auto
  • Jun 2020
    It's awesome to know the holden Colorado wont break down after 1 year of purchasing it. I'm a happy man. 👍
    —Maihi T - 2017 Holden COLORADO LTZ 4X4 GOOD LOOKER
  • Dec 2019
    The 2017 Holden Colorado is an awesome vehicle. Very modern, has all the bells and whistles, it has a powerful D-max engine and I just love the remote start option. I highly recommend this vehicle.
    —Ashar G - 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ 4x4 Auto D/Cab
  • Sep 2019
    Great car
    —Scott B - 2017 Holden COLORADO Z71 DC PU 2.8DT/4WD
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